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This course provides a comprehensive overview of the field of Media Studies. It is intended

for any student who wishes to learn more about the role of media in today’s society. Each

week, we explore different aspects of contemporary mediascape by diving into different

subject areas including the history, production, industry, representation, audience, contents,

effects, and social change. Within these broad subject areas, weekly lectures will cover a

range of theories, methods, and case studies to discuss various ways to approach and

analyze media and demonstrate that there are much more complex power relations

surrounding media than we often take for granted. Combining multiple perspectives is

necessary to better understand the parameters of social changes rapidly occurring in the

present, which in turn, will shape our knowledge about the potential future. Therefore,

ideally, you will recognize the linkages among weekly topics and be able to step back and

ask broader questions about the relationship between media, society, and yourself.


By the end of the term, you should be able to:

  • recognize the basic issues and questions in Media Studies;

  • demonstrate a familiarity with the terms and concepts used in Media Studies;

  •  in essence, understand the relevance of Media Studies in your everyday life.

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